How it’s like to work in Puine? What were all those things I did in this two months? Did I learn something new? I wanted to share my feelings and experiences from my on a job learning period with you all and I’m doing it in English to. So let’s see how I do.

From the start I always did think that this will not be a boring working place and that I was able to do different stuff and never be bored with the tasks what I will get. This feeling has been from the first meeting with Jasmiina because she is just a nice person with amazing personality. I have been working in a few places and I have never met a bad employer obviously Jasmiina was good not bad one. She has been really helpful and she has been teaching me lot of new things about marketing communications. So I have to say big thank you for that to her.

When that all has been said I just want to say that if you want to have your job learning period in somewhere where is nice atmosphere, good people, lot to do and people who want you to learn and become more better in your field. You need to come here because you will get all of that in Puine.

So lot has been happening and I have done so much in these past two months but from all my favorite thing what I was able to do have to be taking photos of the products and posting them to Instagram and Facebook. Taking photos is just something that has been in my mind for just a long time and now when I have the opportunity do it so I’m taking it all in. After this I need to maybe buy a camera for my self and star to take some photos from my hobby or just from beautiful things like sunsets and sunrises.

There were lot more other things to what I did like editing the photos, putting new products in the online store and editing few different products, posting ideas to Pinterest so pins, using Canva to make banners and for few different posts, packing orders, writing newsletters about mothers day, send a one email to our retailers and frets up the list of them, a lot of different small things to so I can say that I have done lot of different things related to the topic of my on the job learning period.

I did learn new things and there were a few things that I knew already but it’s just a good that I was little bit prepared. From this whole period I have get a feeling that this mind be something I want to maybe do in my future but not saying that I’m going to but just little bit thinking can’t be bad. So this has shown me that there mind be different option for my future job.

So over all this has been actually really eye opening job learning period for me and really helpful.

Writing all of this was so fun I enjoyed do in it and I hope that this whole text was interesting to read.

Have a nice day and do things that you enjoy.

Saga A/Puine